Sunday, October 25, 2009

DRY ROT - Subordinate ep

Painkiller Records released this 7" back in 2007, but since i wasn't blogging back then, here it is now! truthfully, this layout is just too insanely good for me to not blog about it cause it didn't just come out...

Dry Rot's guitar player Jordan Darby provided the art for this record layout, and holy shit did he go all out! let me just start by saying that i can't think of a single punk or hardcore band since the Circle Jerks's "Group Sex" LP to embrace watercolor art for their album cover, which is really a shame considering the potential for the medium in punk art. instead of doing a normal insert, this 7" is actually a 7"x7" book, where the front cover is stapled and folded to contain 4 pages of lyrics and art. i haven't seen a layout like this since 1997! pretty fucking over the top. i really like Jordan's drawing style on these inked insert pages and the fact that the images follow a story, which makes for a very well thought out and executed package.

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