Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HEX DISPENSERS - Winchester Mystery House LP

Austin's Hex Dispensers recently came out with their 2nd LP on Douchemaster Records, and it seems they really got their formula dialed in on this release. this record is near flawless musically and shows a lot of growth as a band in developing their unique "tongue in cheek dark" sound, and the layout is a perfectly paired continuation of that vibe. while i have to admit that the cover art feels a bit lacking to me, the concept works well with the record as a whole, especially with how it relates to the back panel. i love all the chopped up band pics mixed in with the hand set typography and the sharp contrast of the white dotted lines! the chaotic type idea is carried thru to the printed and glued inner dust sleeve, displaying the titles in hand set type along with the lyrics in a random light-to-bold typesetting.

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