Thursday, November 12, 2009

THE SPITS - new tour 7"

The Spits just toured thu LA again this past month and i grabbed this cool as fuck limited tour 7" that they had with them! the packaging on this record is simply a printed 45 sleeve on a nicer toothed paper and then die cut with a big hole in the center to reveal the records A and B side labels, which is the standard format for all the Slovenly 7" singles. the artwork is a bit rough around the edges... a rather crude in execution cut and paste 2 color mash up, but it's so perfectly in line with the overall vibe of the band that all the imperfections i would normally pick at don't bother me at all. one thing that i do find interesting about this record is that it's a 2 color spot offset print job that was set up to overprint as though it was a screen print. kinda odd-ball.... you don't really see that too much in the printed media world, and that a shame cause it yields a pretty cool result!

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