Sunday, April 18, 2010


Night Birds are one of my favorite bands going right now. they play top notch punk with a nod to classic surf and actually have the chops to pull it off. their singer Brian is a long time friend of mine as well as an ex band member from an old project, so of course i was more than delighted to help him out with some design service. for their debut ep on Dirtnap / Grave Mistake, the band hand stamped all the covers with their logo on the front of the sleeve and the song titles on the back. pretty great idea, actually. once again, totally loving the informal choice of plain paper for the covers instead of a heavy coated stock.

the insert is a 2 sided lyric sheet that i designed for them.

i also put the A and B labels together.

Brian was also nice enough to send along a copy of their Art Of The Underground 7" that just came out too! since all of the Art of the Underground singles have the same basic sleeve, it looks like they came up with their own limited folded photocopy sleeves to fit over the copies they will be selling. sweet! thanks Brian!

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