Sunday, July 4, 2010

Southside Stranglers 2nd Ep....

another cool looking release by the Southside Stranglers. this one is a little less fancy than their debut ep, but still a nice package. front and back cover art looks to be layed out entirely on a photocopier ala 1979. all the typography is hand scrawled in a way that is reminiscent of your favorite high school notebook that you wrote all your favorite bands names on. everything about the art and layout of this record comes off as intentionally naive, but not too forced, which is a delicate line to walk....

turning the front cover to read off-angle was a good call, makes the photo imagery much more interesting.

couldn't even bother straightening out the text on the top of the back cover!

labels are entirely hand done as well. awesome!

you can get this from Fashionable Idiots.

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