Monday, November 22, 2010

Knife Fight - Isolated 7"

in other Socal news, it's 2010 and Knife Fight recently released a new 7" on Painkiller Records titled "isolated". Jordan Darby created the artwork for this release and i'm always a big fan of his illustrations. for this record, the cover sleeve unfolds to be a huge 15" x 22.5" double sided poster, which is beautifully offset printed and overall awesome. unfortunately, when the poster is folded up and acting as the cover, it doesn't make for very strong or memorable cover art. all the impact of Jordan's black and white illustration hiding inside the colorful plant rendering gets lost in the abstraction of the folds. here is a shot of the front cover...

same goes for the back cover.... i feel like both panels could have used a little more attention to detail to really pull you into the design.

here is a shot of the cover fully unfolded... great illustration, and i really like the idea behind the poster layout, i just wish the concept had been refined a little further.

flip the big poster over and the entire back side is a huge lyric sheet, and man is this thing fucking sweet!?! this layout has an elegant balance of contrasting typography and illustration, not to mention what might be the cleanest example of copyfitting on a punk record that i've ever seen. this lyric sheet could have easily felt very dense and heavy with all that type, but keeping the type size small and opening up the leading really lets the whole thing breathe....

A and B labels are standard issue...

get this from Painkiller directly before it's gone!

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