Friday, November 19, 2010


i recently made these three new collage pieces for another upcoming art show that i am in. the RRR Project (an international collection of artists committed to making new art from the scraps of their old projects) is about to release its second printed book, and there will be an art show in honor of the new book in New York City featuring new work by many of the artists involved. check out the pics of my pieces and if you are in the NYC area be sure to make your way out to the show! more info below.....

these are 11" x 14" matted collage pieces in 16" x 20" frames, and they were made from original scraps of drawings and screen print test sheets from my studio.

StRRRike Two
December 2nd - January 6th

@ The Simple Space
24 W. 57th Suite #601
New York, NY 10019

Alex Weinstein, Anthony Zinonos, Andrew Holder, Chad Kouri, Greg Lamarche, Will Bryant,
Masato Nakada, Laura Bernstein, Peter Skvara, Michael Coleman, Mike Perry, Ryan Tatar,
Ed Fladung, Mark Kane, Steph Walker, Stephanie Hosmer, Peter Kaplan, Kassia Meador,
Paul D'Elia, Brookes Reeder, Scott Massey, Bijan Berahimi, Jason Murray, Chris Burnett,
Jonathan Sandridge, Mike Afsa, John Esguerra, Steven Harrington & Justin Krietemeyer.

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