Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OBITS ~ New Artwork and Music by Rick Froberg

socal native and post punk icon Rick Froberg has resurfaced with a new post Hot Snakes project called OBITS, and holy hell is this one killer record! their debut LP came out a few months ago on sub pop.... pick up a copy of the vinyl if you come across it, you won't be sorry. it might be one of the greatest sounding pieces of wax i've ever come across.... feels like 180 gram (doesn't say it is) and it's just so loud and crisp once that needle hits the record!

once again, another amazing layout by Froberg that just oozes with style. he does an excellent job of blending vintage typography with his wild illustrations to create some of the most interesting compositions to ever grace a record cover. the entire layout is tight and comes across as a single idea, even down to the free mp3 download card! check out the pics and then cruise over to his site to check out some more of his art.

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