Sunday, August 2, 2009

CULT RITUAL - 3rd ep

cult ritual can do no wrong in my book. every record i get my hands on is even better than the last, and they always go the extra mile with their packaging. check out this 7" on Drugged Conscience for example.... the covers are screen printed on 100lb grey linen paper (2 colors on each side), and they included a nice little 4 page stapled lyric book. the aesthetic of this record is classic cut & paste punk done at its finest! can't wait to see what comes next....

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  1. Hey, I printed those! This is a killer blog. Can't get enough keep it up! -Joe

    [Turns out I have to pick an ID to leave a comment and the only one I have is for LiveJournal. I've got some of the other things I've printed up on my LJ is you feel like digging through it.]