Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hjertestop - Aarh, Fuck EP

Hjertestop are a punk band from Denmark. i'm guessing this is a self released 7" since there is no label info anywhere to be found in the layout (no insert either, for that matter). They did a nice job with the collage art on this 2 color cover. the diagonal blue stripes mixed back with the cut and paste photocopied style gives a nod to the Dangerhouse Records aesthetic of the late 70's LA scene. the use of tiny typewriter type in the white space of the collage was a nice touch as well, especially on the top left corner. i had the chance to play a show with these guys while they were on the west coast this past spring and was impressed with their live set. check them out if you have the chance.


  1. The blue stripes is the US re-pressing by Fashionable Idiots, which is the 3rd pressing. The first and 2nd press have green instead of blue and were on Kick and Punch and Adult Crash (?) records.