Sunday, October 11, 2009


the new social cirkle lp came in the mail this week from No Way Records, and i've been meaning to make a post about it all week but have been having a hard time pulling it off the turntable..... sweet jesus this lp rips! social cirkle are one of the last bands left carrying the fast and snotty hardcore punk torch thru this decade, and this lp is an instant classic in my book. they went with a photo based front and back cover which was a nice touch, although truthfully it does remind me a bit of the Carbonas 2nd lp cover art. that said, it's still a cool idea and definitely makes for some stand out cover art. the printed insert contains all the lyrics in a clean column layout so you can learn the sing alongs at home, and then on the flip side is a great flyer collage which reminds me how much i miss going to shows on the east coast.... sigh. overall, another great overall package from NO WAY! nice job guys!

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