Saturday, February 13, 2010

the obligatory SCREEN PRINT PROCESS post....

ok people, here we go! my very fist screen print process blog entry! well, i'm excited at least.... so i guess i should have used a real camera and not just my iphone for the pics. this is going to be a little light on the visual side since half the photos i took were seriously unusable. live and learn, right? bare with me here...

the poster i was working on in these pics was the new BLACKLISTED U.S. tour poster. as usual, they weren't looking for anything specific in terms of an aesthetic, so i just went for total badass... i started my design process for theses by just drawing some shit out.

once i have some stuff worth looking at, i begin to scan. i hate scanning. i currently can't get my scanner to work with the new operating system on my computer, so i have to scan everything thru my wife's laptop and then pass the files to my desktop to design. awesome. here is a shot of my set up...

once the design is finished and approved by the band, i make my separations and burn screens. (this is where the photos get really bad, so here is just a pic of one of the screens after printing... sorry) this is a 4 color print, so each color will need its own piece of film to burn 4 individual screens.

i like to mix all my inks before i start printing so i can dial in the color pallet. just a preference i guess.... ok, now its time to start printing! this is a shot of just the first color screened...

and then the second color....

(the 3rd and 4th color pics also looked like total shit) so here is the final product!

i printed 170 of these bad boys. they are 4 color 18"x24" posters on 100lb cover paper. go see BLACKLISTED on tour if you want one! or, see more of my art here...


  1. this is so good, i love the type!
    your blog is awesome

  2. What do you print your seps on and what emulsion are you using?

  3. films are ripped thru an image setter and processed like traditional film would be . the emulsion i use is a kiwo emulsion that is well rated for water based printing.

  4. You use 4 color printing Nice artwork!you made it perfectly this is totally cool.