Monday, May 31, 2010

T Shirts....

this is the first post since getting back from Chaos In Tejas fest this afternoon. needless to say, it was an intense weekend out in Austin during the fest, and i have lots of things to talk about but it will take some time to sort thru everything... for tonight, i really wanted to get this post up though cause it was fresh on my mind.

i know this is a topic the true punks love to roll their eyes and sneer at, but i'm going to talk about it anyway, cause to me this is inevitable. as long as there are punk bands, they will make shirts. as long as punk music continues to evolve and trends form within the sounds, the punk t shirts will too evolve to fit the trend. sorry if that's not cool of me to say, but i've seen way too many trends come and go within the DIY punk and hardcore community to think otherwise. on that note, here are some tee's i saw over the weekend that i thought were totally rad. lots of crude hand drawn graphics and type everywhere, which i love seeing on tees! also a few in there with some abstract photo imagery too. is it a trend? who cares, these shirts are awesome.... i was just snapping these with my phone so please excuse the quality.


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  2. You're nuts! The most classic punk shirt will all ways be the Misfits Crimson Ghost skull design. That's it! Oh yeah, you're in this!

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