Tuesday, June 8, 2010


picked up these 2 Ep's from Bay Area Wild Thing this past week when i saw them at Chaos In Tejas... they play sloppy / snotty garage punk, and i think they totally nailed the right vibe for front and back cover art for this first record...

two great original photos of some bizarre shit, and i love the little "wild thing" circular logo branding.

nice label logo too BTW... and then there is a little thrown together hand written insert of credits, no lyrics.

A and B labels are nothing to look at but here it is anyway.

and for the second record, a much bolder approach to the cover art. "hey, i wonder what the name of this band is?"...

back cover is so obvious it's kinda funny i guess.... but who cares? if it wasn't for the A and B labels on this record, i most likely would have just been posting about the first record. fuck, these labels kill... so clean and easy, yet totally original and perfect for a big hole ep. love it.

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