Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twin Cousins 7"

got another awesome submission for the blog this past week! i love submissions! really, i do. thanks to Josh for sending me this...

Twin Cousins just released their debut 7" with these beautiful letterpress covers on chipboard.
i love the way letter pressed papers feel in your hand, nothing else printed has that great texture. the front cover looks like it was put together with some old wood cut letters, the back looks to be more modern, maybe from a digital plate (nothing wrong with that, just saying...). seriously, i am such a sucker for big rich typography, this is an A+ cover choice in my book!

back panels are stamped out of 100 under the back panel letter press plate.

great full color print of a creepy and visually disorienting collage on the front side of the insert, back of the insert is a nice little writing, you should read it.....

shit colored vinyl. no shit. hey, they like a consistent color pallet... i can't hold that against them! but i would have LOVED some of that rich typography from the front cover to have been on the A and B labels too! so what if it would have been faked.

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  1. great review! Josh is a buddy of mine, and we're all super excited about how the record turned out (visually and aurally). Its always to cool to see friend's hard work get noticed and recognized. Not sure if you checked out sunshineltd.info but Josh also puts out ambient music as Swimming. Pretty good stuff there too.
    Have a good one!

    Micah V.