Sunday, September 19, 2010

Six More Reasons To Hate... The Ladies

here is the newest from The Ladies, perfectly titled "Six More Reasons To Hate...". this is offset printed on a matte paper, folded not glued. the whole record is set to a big-dot halftone theme of some crazy bondage pics with a light pink color overlay. pretty fucked up, i guess... i like it! i actually really like the typography mash up on the front cover.

front cover theme carries over to the back panel. the song titles could have used a little extra love, they are kinda just plopped on there....

the cover unfolds to a full bleed flyer collage with another pink lady bondage image....

classic lock up on the A and B labels, looks sharp! do i need to point out how amazing The Ladies logo is?

...this is out on Grave Mistake NOW, go get one! and be sure to check out the rest of the store, they always have the best of what's around.

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