Monday, September 6, 2010

When I Die Bury Me In The Clothes Of My Youth

sorry for the lag in posts lately, between traveling back east and hosting events at my art show this past month it's been pretty hard to make time for updating this blog. the good news is that I'M BACK now, and i have a bunch of posts that i'm excited to add, so keep checking back!

i recently picked up this rad little book of photographic works Mark McCoy & Cali Thornhill-deWitt from the Youth Attack web store titled "When I Die Bury Me In The Clothes Of My Youth". it's a perfect bound and glued 5"x7" book where every page has been printed black, and the photographs are presented on every other page. i have to say, the black pages really do add to the visual heaviness of the stark black and white images. while many of the images might read as photo journalism in content, the dark and abstract settings mixed with the nature of their camera work bring the viewer closer to a place of voyeurism.... check out the photos and grab one if you still can!

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