Thursday, December 30, 2010

Male Nurses Ep...

here's a fun little record.... Boston's Male Nurses put together a nice cut and paste collage concept for the layout of their 7" on Deranged. these jackets were professionally offset printed and glued on a thinner coated paper stock. black and white with a hit of baby blue looks oh so nice, especially in the way they "sort of" colored the Male Nurses lettering on the cover... really love that lettering!

it's pretty cool that you can see the difference in paper dimension in certain areas of this layout. it does a nice job of retaining that textural collage feeling even though it's been run thru a computer and printed.

back panel of the cover is pretty killer as well, and i like that their clothes in the band photo have that same "sort of" colored treatment that the type had on the front cover.

photocopy insert is 6.5" x 10" folded inside, more ridiculous collage work! this page must have been so much fun to make....

flip it over for a lyric that is a bit of a challenge to read, but it looks great so who cares! nice and dirty, just like i likes it! i love that one crappy hand drawn skull hanging out in the bottom right corner....

A and B labels are a total snooze, oh well. also, the printer totally missed the blue that was used on the covers, which i am guessing was intended to match. pantones are your friends people, use them!


  1. I think the label is the standard Deranged label they've been using lately.

  2. they are super gay this is gay