Sunday, January 16, 2011

Campo-Formio "Spooky Fools" 10"

i received this record via submission from Puerto Rico's Campo-Formio... it features beautiful illustration work by Javier Roman, but unfortunately i have to say that this is probably the ugliest record i have ever encountered. i mean, waaaaaay too much going on for my taste. between the full color illustration and the big swirly colors around it and then the odd rectangle sitting over top of it all.... what the hell is going on here!?!? cool illustration for sure, but it got killed in the execution.

this is a full color printed and folded jacket, and the quality of the printing is excellent. the back panel is slightly better than the front, but still pretty tough to look at. the typography is what saves this panel for me. i like the the way he chose to order all the information along the half square key line, but the big info box at the bottom is where he loses me.

even the A and B labels on this thing are heavily detailed and just toooooo busy....

so basically, really nice illustration work that could have really benefited from some carefully considered design restraint and about 200 less colors. you can pick up this record from the band directly here.


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  2. Ugliest... and probably the most anti-Semitic too?

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