Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dead Mechanical LP

pretty cool layout on this new Dead Mechanical LP from Toxic Pop Records... really digging the over sized and abstracted bold typography mixed with the controlled and contrasting color palette. very graphic and very striking...

inverted version of the theme from the front gets carried into the back panel with a nice little knock out space for the song titles... the slickness is killing me! this is an offset printed and glued sleeve with a matte finish.

insert lyric sheet is offset printed as well, only one side though. again, very nice and cleanly arranged type based graphic design. i could have done without the background image on this panel, but oh well...

A and B labels are beautiful, soak them in...


  1. Funny you say that you could do without the background image on the lyric sheet. Instead of using an inverted front cover for the background on the two lyric panels for the CD release, we just used a flat yellow background. For what it's worth, it's all packaged in a simple four-panel wallet with a pocket for the disc behind the right inside panel. If you'd like to get your hands on a copy, I'd be happy to send you so long as you'd cover the cost of postage. If you're interested, just send $2 via PayPal to

    Thanks for the write-up!
    Traffic Street Records

  2. Love this layout, also one of my 2 favorite releases of the year.