Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Myelin Sheaths - Get On Your Nerves LP

another cool record featuring art by CM RUIZ, this time it's canada's Myelin Sheaths debut LP... more of his signature doodle and photocopy style that's seen in his flyer art. he continues to blend high contrast photos with illustration in a way which is truly his own throughout this layout. i really like the way that he wrapped the bottom of the image around to the top of the composition... pretty great.

back panel is all illustration and hand made type, no photo imagery. everything about this composition is unpolished in the coolest way imaginable. it's raw, dirty, and chock full of attitude, perfect for a record titled "get on your nerves"! the muted and pale color pallet is realy working for me as well, as it brings a nice dimension to the art without being overbearing...

no insert, but the A and B labels do a great job of carrying the vibe of the jacket onto the turntable.... no real information conveyed, but they sure are fun to look at!

pick this up from Southpaw Records if you're interested in checking it out...

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