Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Night Birds - Midnight Movie Ep

New Jersey's Night Birds sent over another great release for review a few weeks ago... their newest EP is a concept record titled "Midnight Movies" and features cover art by the great Mike Diana (his website has a pretty amazing story about his life as well as examples of his other work, it's worth the click...) this illustration is so epic, be sure to click in there and study all the little details hiding out....

back cover is really clean and straight forward, which is a nice balance to the wild-style of the front illustration. i like to think that the Night Birds really do just hang around on a roof somewhere in New Jersey with BELIAL from the classic B horror movie Basket Case, but i know they don't. the photo was taken by Max Ryazanski, it could have come down in size a bit since the song titles are a little cramped down there at the bottom, but hey, what can you do...

the insert is a 3.5" x 5.5" 2 sided photocopy on red card stock. man, someone spent some serious hours of their life writing out all these lyrics, but it was totally worth it! check out how good this looks... and THANK YOU for leaving the scribble!

flip it over for the info... it's perfect.

A and B labels look cool, but i wish the "Night Birds" and "Midnight Movies" type had been left straight. having them fall around the big hole looks a little weird next to the rest of the straight type...

there are some serious killer jams on this vinyl, get a copy from No Way Records directly!

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