Sunday, April 24, 2011

School Jerks Ep...

i really like the simplicity of this new School Jerks Ep on Cowabunga Records. the covers were beautifully illustrated by Tara Bursey, who also hand stamped a small amount of the pressing with the red School Jerks type. these are black and white photocopied sleeves on a nice 80lb natural cover stock of paper....

half panel folded back has the song titles in a typewriter font, and these things were literally just typed up and scanned in... no adjustments of any kind, not even centered! i love it.

on the inside of the cover you'll find the lyrics to ONE of the four songs on this record, as well as some liner notes... what's funny is that i am pretty sure that this the "Control" ep, so you would think that if they were only going to print lyrics to one of the songs that Control would be the song, but it's not! regardless, i enjoy their off-the-cuff approach to a lyric sheet, and don't really care what it says so long as it looks cool.

A and B labels were scanned straight off your old composition notebooks you used while you were in elementary school.

pick this up from Cowabunga, you won't regret it.

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