Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deaf Mutations - Crash The Clubs Ep

got this record as a submission from Ellis of Shitty Limits while they were out here on tour. he recently put out the vinyl release of the Deaf Mutations ep on his label Static Shock Records, which is exciting since this had previously only been available as a very limited cassette tape.

this might be the most legit '81 looking punk record to come out of this decade. i mean, this thing is SPOT ON. if i didn't already know what it was, you could probably tell me this cover had been pulled from the pages of the Killed By Death blog, and i would have to believe you. for the front cover, we have 4 different type faces all mashed together by the power of a very unforgiving copy machine, and then somewhat ironically professionally offset printed on an uncoated and glued record jacket. that "PUNK" label laying across the top right corner is killing me, so awesome....

...it's just a perfect mess. since the front cover is so information heavy, the back panel was left wide open for some lyrics! i should really put the emphasis on SOME since only the A side song lyrics were given. they're off center, off placed, and despite being typed they are blown out to the point of near illegibility. pretty great back cover if you ask me....

the A and B labels are so sterile and orderly in comparison to the jacket that they almost look like test press labels... go big hole or go home.

hit up Ellis over at Static Shock directly for this record, he is a solid dude...


  1. I count 5 typefaces on the front. Looks legit for sure.

  2. haha, that's true... i had been on the fence as to whether i should cound the record label name as its own type or just the logo.

  3. good point. could go either way. keep up the good work.

  4. Once more I tried to convert it into digital reading pleasure

    I just wanted to say thank you, because you're right now my number one source for records and lyrics!
    Stay Gold