Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Antilles - "My Empathy" ep...

i received an amazing package of new releases from Kid Sister Everywhere Records , i'll be posting all of them up over the next week... first up is this Antilles ep, this is the most hand made and organic feeling record that i have encountered since 96'. the front and back jacket panels were created by overlaying 2 separate pieces of paper on top of each other. the outer piece of paper is a transparent piece of vellum that has been decorated with a photocopied illustration. this paper has been folded and placed over a thick and heavily textured stock of paper. the contrasting textures and colors really add to the composition...

the illustration wraps around to the back, i am liking the loose and sketchy ink style! the understated approach to typography was achieved thru simple letraset letters and some good design restraint, i feel it suites the vibe of this record well.

inside there is a "2 x 7" black and white photocopied insert for the liner notes, no lyrics. this is really straight forward, but it looks really tight.

A and B labels were printed to match the vinyl, which is always a good call. i like seeing bands think about the whole package when it comes to design....

check out what else Kid Sister Everything is up to at their site...


  1. Affinity Index Records also released this

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  3. the vellum was screenprinted as well, not photocopied