Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rough Kids - The State I'm In Lp

my other band Rough Kids had our first Lp come out this past month on Sorry State Records !  we had Robbie Simon create the art and layout for this release since he did such a killer job with our previous Ep's, and we are all very stoked with the final product!  enjoy the pics, and please support Sorry State if you are interested in purchasing a copy of this...


  1. Have you always been in Rough Kids, Paul? I love those first two 7". Had no idea you were in the band.

  2. no, jon and i from Broken Patterns joind about two and a half years ago, so we didn't play on the 2 previous EP recordings.

  3. Cool. Those 7"s are solid, but this LP if phenomenal. Can't stop listening. Great job! Any plans on coming east?