Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Acid Reflux Ep

after making the post last week about the new Social Cirkle LP on NO WAY Records i decided to pull out some other No Way Releases that have impressed me lately....

Albany's Acid Reflux put out a great 7" earlier this year, and they did a spot on job with the layout. simple black and white glued sleeve jacked that is printed (not photocopied) on a nice off-white paper stock to give it a nice aged look, and while both the front and back covers are clean and presentable, they still look like they were made on a photocopy machine. they also put some time into their 11"x17" fold out insert, one side featuring a mirrored collage of live pics and owls (?) and then the other side..... ok i have no idea what is going on with the imagery on the other side, but all the lyrics and info are all present and that's what matters!

what really stands out about this record is the attention to detail. the off-white paper they printed the covers on is a fine paper stock, not a cover sheet, so when you are holding it in your hands it feels authentically old. same goes for the paper they used for the insert.... they could have just photocopied this on any old 11x17 paper, but instead they went with something a bit more delicate. really nice touch in my book.....

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