Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nitad - Ger Oss Mer EP

this is the third and final post on my No Way Records kick.... Thank You Satan came up with some pretty killer throw back 60's psychedelic art for this record, and it's definitely worth a post! Excellent Filmore style typography on the front and back panel make for some pleasing creative design in this controlled 3 color layout, and while the execution is clean and crisp, it doesn't come off as contrived at all. i really like the bold strokes of white spaces mixed into the saturated colors of the art as well..... the insert is little more than a well organized lyric sheet, but since i don't speak Swedish i don't really feel like i'm missing anything anyway.

overall, a solid release! if you're a fan of fast Swedish hardcore pick up a copy and give it a spin!

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