Saturday, October 23, 2010

Loose Dudes 12"

this one came in as a submission.... Chicago's Loose Dudes put together a rather loose looking record in true punk style. let's start with the screen printed covers, which actually executed very well! black and white ink on a pale yellow uncoated cover stock, and yeah, the print is very clean. really nice illustration of a pigeon hanging out with some trash for the cover, and in case that wasn't ridiculous enough for you check out that typography for the band name... i love a band that is comfortable with not taking itself seriously!

back cover is a half panel fold over with cut and past song titles. may i draw your attention to how rad the Hated Records logo is...

this insert is where things really get wild. there is some information on here, but basically it's just totally random drawings. the quality of these illustrations is all over the board (mostly inane doodles, but a few stand out cool pieces) , and some of the subject matter is rather questionable. what's even stranger is that this is a 2 sided 8.5"x11" offset print on cardstock, NOT a photocopy?

blank white labels with an A side hand stamp.... more and more bands are going for this lately, and i have to say i like it. it's a fun way to personalize the vinyl....

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