Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tenement - False Teeth ep

i came across this Tenement 7" in someone's distro at a show recently. i love the look of a crudely cut hand made collage, and this record has a lot of that going on.... take this cover art for example, if you look close you can see the mistakes in the slicing from the exacto and the natural shadows created from the difference in paper dimension when the art was scanned...

full color offset printed sleeve with a half back panel. i like that they thought about the fact that the insert would be seen at the top of the back of the record and designed it to match the back panel. lots of photos, i'm guessing all of the "vintage / found" variety....

full shot of the insert.... 2 sided black and white print.

back side of the insert was all typeset with a typewriter... i like that they left some good ol' fashioned photocopier noise in there!

A and B labels have more collage work.... A side works really well.

the B side feels forced to me. maybe it's the upside down crosses?

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