Friday, January 15, 2010


picked up the newest 7" release from the twin cities' CONDOMINIUM.... easily one of the heaviest 2 song 7"s i've ever heard. all of the imagery included in the layout is totally bizarre, which not only adds to the intensity of the music, but also creates a bit of a mystique thru minimalism. who is this band? what is up with these photos? are these the band members in the insert or is it just some random photo obscured? we will never know....

this record has a cut and glued sleeve that i think is just photocopied on the cheapest paper imaginable and then stamped with their name in blue, which doesn't sound all that fantastic but is actually quite awesome. 2 sided photocopied insert with cut and paste liner notes. A and B labels are nothing to look at really but here it is anyway....

you can pick up your copy from Fashionable Idiots.

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  1. great blog!thanks!
    but if all pictures would be in higher resolution(or scans), it would be pure brilliant
    btw cool blog