Saturday, January 16, 2010

RADIO SILENCE book by Nathan Nedorostek & Anthony Pappalardo

finally picked up the Radio Silence book this week while out research shopping for work. haven't had a chance to read thru it yet, but wanted to get this out there anyway. man, this book is IN DEPTH! serious homework was done by Nathan Nedorstek and Anthony Pappalardo in order for them to be able to compile this book, and the end result is nothing shy of completely impressive. have a look at the pics and then swing by their site to order it, you won't be disappointed!

also, urban outfitters has these 2 tees for sale now. the first one is a photo from the supertouch photo shoot for their LP, the other is cool pic of some DC punks. very quality product right here..

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  1. i just posted about this on my blog... awesome book. the release show in LA was awesome.