Thursday, March 10, 2011

NY Rules Compilation

i got a nice little package in the mail from an old east coast friend last week... Max from Burn Books sent over the this very slick NY RULES cassette compilation he just released, check out this envelope it was sent in...

yeah, this cassette came in a 9" x 14" screen printed envelope! that's nuts.... here is a shot of the front of the cassette, aesthetically this kinda looks like a budget 80's tape you might have received free with purchase in your order from BMG or something.... pretty funny. file under: so bad it's good.

the back panel text ordering could have been a bit cleaner, but it does the job... i do love the A and B indicator symbols.

the actual tape itself is a yellow professionally manufactured and printed cassette, and this thing looks sweet! i'm liking the font mixing between the bold, the outlines, and the fine inside the A and B indicators... it all comes together beautifully right here.

the single panel layout inside the front cover is dedicated to the band credits.... fully justified type was a good choice, but it could use a bit more space between the edge of the type and the outer key line that holds it all in...

oh yeah, did i mention that this thing comes with a huge poster too!?! this 22" x 30" poster was offset printed on newsprint and is sure to piss off your mom when she sees it hanging on your bedroom door.

max and his Burn Books partner Alex put this whole thing together, including all that fancy horror make-up. they are solid dudes worthy of your support, so pick up your copy of this release here. it's currently in its' second press of 250 copies and will not be repressed...

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  1. That cassette is pretty cool. Cool blog. Weird retro looking stuff.