Tuesday, April 12, 2011

X= Demo Cassette

got a great submission last week from a Pennsylvania band called "X="... it's surely one of the most elaborately packaged demo tapes i've ever encountered... the printed cardstock insert has been fabricated to wrap itself around the tape and then be bolted shut thru the 2 center holes of the cassette with 2 screws.

this layout is all about nailing the fine details.. there are a lot of really nice little design elements worked into the small areas of this layout, so be sure to click into the photos. these next two shots show each panel unfolded... check out how the art has been meticulously set up so that each hole goes straight thru the eyes of the image.

on the inside of the unfolded panel there is a a 1.25" x 1.75" folded 18 page lyric booklet stapled into the cover. here are some detail shots of some of the panels, i like the subtle page warping effect the lyrics have running thru them. it's just enough to keep it interesting with becoming too distracting...

the tape itself has also been decorated with some laser printer stickers...

pretty awesome.... if you want to pick one of these up for yourself, be sure to stop by the bands site.

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