Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kent State - 3 Split Cassettes

Kent State is a side project band that was started by Nicholas Vance of Deep Sleep with the help of his girlfriend Emma Maatman. I've been playing guitar with them the last couple of months since they relocated to Los Angeles and have been enjoying the process. These 3 new split cassettes were just released on nick's Paranoid Futures label and are available for purchase as well as free download from the bandcamp site.

Emma put together all the art for these 3 releases and did a stunning job! Beautifully obscured images of outer space getting the "front and center" treatment, as every cover gets its own collage art and hand written liner notes. There is also a fair amount of hand-set helvetica typography as well, which has been a consistent visual theme on all the previous releases. While you are checking out the photos below, look out for the playful way Emma utilizes color throughout the design....

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